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whytecliff park

28 Sept

… oder wie wir einmal fast auf einem felsblock im meer übernachten mussten

last weekend felix and i decided to go to whytecliff park, which is located along the beautiful shores of howe sound in west vancouver. it took us approximately an hour from our bus stop to the park entrance, because we had to stop so often to enjoy the view, to inhale the fresh air and to just be happy, that we’re here :)

people were grilling and chilling in the park and we could smell the appetizing smell of barbecues all around us. we picked a nice spot on a rock with a beautiful view over the sea right opposite of bowen island. sitting there in the sun, having some drinks and enjoying doing nothing at all was just wonderful for us.

on our way to the beach we came across a rock – or a small island – which was bounded by the sea. but there was a way over smaller rocks which could bring us to the bounded-by-the-sea-rock. felix didn’t really want to go first but we had to! imagine: sitting on a huuuuge rock – bounded by the sea :)
several people were already there, lying on it or wandering around.

we made a break at the peak of the rock and spent at least half an hour on the island – felix didn’t even want to visit before – before we finally decided to go back to the mainland.

but stop! no – not a bit of it!

we couldn’t just go back, because the high tide made it impossible for us to reach the land now. in front of us we could watch some people cowering on rocks and not knowing what to do now.

we decided to get rid of our shoes, stowaged it in our backpacks and pulled up our trousers. that made it easier for us to get back to the beach, but on the other hand it was very slippery then, because the rocks were obviously wet now :( for luck i didn’t fall into the water, neither did felix, so we could reach the beach safely in the end.

on our way back to the bus station we even discovered a tiny – okay it wasn’t as tiny – bistro where we had a can of pop, which made our day :)

that was a really special trip for us :) and it was definitely worth it to spend all the time to get there in the first place…

anyway: our travelling is a lot of fun at the moment so be curious about my next article!
it’s about a rent-a-car company again ;) the same one like last time by the way ;)

cheers, susa