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inches, feet, ounces, yards, cups, letter format, fahrenheit – got confused?

22 Sept

it’s absolutely confusing to talk about size or quantity here in north america.

there are different measuring units for each „area“. if you wanna know how big something or someone is the canadians gonna tell you: 5 feet 3 inches… okay, but that’s how tall then? the feet of felix are bigger than mine for example :) or if you ask someone for a recipe they’ll probably tell you: just add 2 cups of water… okay, 2 cups, but what sized cups do i take then – a big one or a small one??? the same with ounces, yards and gallons… they just don’t use the easy way which comes with kilogram, metres or litres… :)

and to top all these: they don’t even use °C or A4… nooo… it has to be fahrenheit (although they can hardly speak that) and letter format… what nonesense ;)

that’s so complicated sometimes and hard to remember as well… but i do my very best and i think if we’re back home in germany it’ll get confusing the other way around for me ;)

an overview for you guys (and for me as well):

1 inch = 2,54 cm

1 feet  = 12 inches = 30,48 cm

1 yard = 3 feet = 91,44 cm

1 fluid ounce = about 30 ml

1 cup = 8 fl oz = 250 ml

1 quart = 1 l

1 gallon = 4 l

letter = 216mm x 279mm

fahrenheit = TC · 1,8 + 32 (i.e. 28°C would be about 82°F)

isn’t it complicated?
that sucks, doesn’t it?

but you know what (and i swear it works):
every time there’s something coming up about all that stuff i first wish i could be jeannie from i dream of jeannie and just have to „blink“ to escape from these situations. but instead, cause it obviuosly doesn’t work so well to be jeannie ;-), i close my ears and eyes, open it again and do just something different, which is mostly more interesting or more hilarious to me :)