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vancouver… where are we exactly?

30 Sept

i know, it’s been a long time since we arrived here in vancouver and i should have done it before, but i do it now, so that you finally get an overview from vancouver and a better understanding of what i’m talking about (it’ll all come with a map).
so it’s gonna be these main neighbourhoods in vancouver, which are very special, unique and different in our opinion and therefore worth to be pronounced here :)

– west end
– stanley park
– downtown
– yaletown
– gastown
– chinatown
– south main (soma)
– commercial drive
– granville island
– fairview & south granville
– kitsilano
– university of british columbia

i’m gonna write small articles of each neighbourhood and all its speciality, what it stands for in our opinion and what makes it to what it is…
as soon as possible i’ll start with our neighbourhood: west end